“A Word On Achieving Scalability”

August 28, 2019

Selfie2Anime.com has been growing much faster than we ever anticipated! That’s awesome and it has been an incredible journey thus far! The high demand on the site has created some interesting scalability challenges that we have managed to overcome without too many hiccups (although there definitely were some). Here’s some insight on how we did it.

Selfie2Anime - Ever wondered what you'd look like as an Anime character? | Product Hunt Embed

“Checking Out the Web App”

August 24, 2019

When you first connect to Selfie2Anime.com with your mobile or desktop browser, you’ll be greeted by the web app that lets you take or choose your selfie and upload it to our web service, which will subsequently push them through the GAN and send the anime-selfie back to you. As the first point of contact, it makes sense to start here on our journey through the system.

“Iterating on an Idea”

August 24, 2019

On the 17th of August 2019 myself and Rico Beti hit the launch button selfie2anime.com. The week that followed was a whirl wind of good and bad experiences technical experiences with trying to scale. I wanted to write this blog to lay out some of my own experiences and point out a few pitfalls I had along the way.